Energy Management

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  • Like many things in life, the most successful energy management programs are made up of multiple elements working together.

    Each element plays a role and, in aggregate, they can deliver some very impressive results. Elements can be added incrementally over time. There are no hard and fast rules about the others, and financial results can often be optimized by starting with elements that deliver the highest ROI and rapid payback.

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  • If you can measure it, you can manage it.

    Setting corporate goals for energy efficiency, and then measuring results, is the foundation of any successful energy management program. Even without specific programs to increase efficiency, studies have shown that simply measuring results, and sharing them with employees, can lead to improved energy efficiency.

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  • You don’t necessarily have to embark on an expensive and lengthy capital improvement project to increase energy savings.

    Often, you can achieve savings on the order of 15 percent simply by taking advantage of Cascade Energy’s on-site industrial facility tune-ups. We’ll identify low-cost/no-cost opportunities to improve the efficiency of existing equipment by making key changes to operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures—all backed by ongoing support from a Cascade Energy engineer.

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  • Some energy efficiency programs can require significant investment with ROI coming at a later time.

    Although the savings are real, the lag time between investment and return can have a negative impact on a company’s bottom line. Many companies have more potential investment opportunities than they can fund in a given year. So, energy programs with a delayed return may be postponed, or passed-over in favor of investments with better financial performance and faster returns.

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  • We can help you plan carefully and identify the projects that deliver energy savings quickly.

    Careful planning can make the difference whether an energy management program successfully competes for corporate funding or not.

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  • There is no single path to driving savings through energy efficiency.

    Whatever element you choose to start with in your energy efficiency program can save you money.
    It’s probably a good bet that your competition is already moving aggressively to get energy costs under control.